Friday, December 12, 2008

Lindy 2 Recap for December 2008

Here's a recap of some moves we learned in Lindy 2.  Oh, but we learn so much more than moves!
We covered connection and bounce, subtleties of moving your Follow (and "listening" to your Lead),
and on top of great teaching by Jodi Fleishman and Chris Yee, we 
enjoyed guest instructors Kevin Buster and Guy Carridi.

New moves for Lindy 2 in January 2009!

Chris and Jodi gave us a preview of moves for our next Lindy 2 class!  If you're not already signed up, please join us for fun, friendship and french fries in January, at the North Bellevue Community Center (check out the Left Foot Boogie link on this page for more info).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Lovely Jodi and Wren, Waltz 2 recap Nov/Dec 08

I recorded this after the sound equipment was put away, so it's not your computer's problem.
Aren't they graceful?

The Lovely Wren and Jodi recap Swing2, Nov/Dec

Classes for Swing, Swing 2 and Waltz 2 are held on Wednesday nights at Sons of Norway, Bothell.
Fun, good exercise, and a chance to make friends while learning to dance.

Romantic Dance Weekend - Fusion Waltz

Jodi Fleischman and Ari Levitt recap the moves we learned at the Fusion Waltz workshop.  Jodi's workshops and dances can be found at the link to the right for Left Foot Boogie.

Fusion Waltz specific moves 12/6/08

Jodi and Ari demonstrate moves at the Fremont Abbey

Ari and Jodi review NC2S workshop moves 12/7/08

Night Club Two Step!  Romantic, smooth as ice skating (or a hockey puck on ice, as Jodi might say), and elegant.